In the Media


Mehr kardiale Kontraktionskraft durch Elektrotherapie – Ärzte Zeitung December 2010

A New and Innovative Device-Based Therapy for Heart Failure – translation of Cardio Compact article August 2010

Cardiac Contractility Modulation – An Innovative Therapy for Treating Heart Failure – translation of MedReview article May 2010

Heart booster provides new lease on life – translation of RP Online article September 2009

Impulse Dynamics Announces New Data Regarding Its Optimizer System Utilizing Cardiac Contractility Modulation (CCM) Technology- Medical News Today, September 2006

Northwestern research aims at strengthening heartbeats- Chicago Tribune, September 2005

Medical Device Technology Alert- Frost & Sullivan, June 2005

First U.S. Heart-Disease Patient Implanted with Device- New York Post, April 2005