Ask Your Doctor

If you are suffering from moderate to severe heart failure and do not find relief despite medical treatment, ask your doctor about CCM treatment. You may print this page and bring it to your next appointment:

CCM (Cardiac Contractility Modulation) is an innovative technology for treating heart failure in patients that have normal QRS duration. CCM uses non-excitatory electrical pulses that are delivered to the heart during the absolute refractory period using the Optimizer IVs implantable device (see image to the right). These pulses train the heart and increase the heart’s Ejection Fraction.

Clinical trials have shown that chronic CCM treatment is safe and significantly improves exercise tolerance and quality of life in symptomatic heart failure patients with normal QRS duration. The Optimizer IVs system is the only device-based treatment available for this patient population.

Optimizer IVs pulse generator is CE approved and has been marketed commercially in the EU since 2008. A study has recently begun in the US to confirm findings in an earlier study as a step towards FDA approval.

The Optimizer system is fully compatible with ICD implants. More information, including clinical data and over 30 peer-reviewed publications is available at