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How does CCM work?

Cardiac Contractility Modulation (CCM) is an investigational method for treating moderate to severe heart failure, by delivering non-excitatory electrical pulses to the heart using the Optimizer system.

Impulse News

Enthusiastic Responses to Impulse Dynamics Symposium at the 77th DGK Annual Meeting in Mannheim

We wish to thank the chairmen, speakers, and participants who attended our satellite symposium “Cardiac Contractility Modulation for the Treatment of Heart Failure: Standard of Care for Patients with Narrow QRS?”. The symposium took place this last Friday as part of the German Society of Cardiology’s 77th Annual Meeting in Mannheim. Over 270 doctors attended the satellite symposium and we have been receiving positive responses all around. These exciting lectures will soon be available for viewing on our website. Comments are closed. read more..